At PJN Steel Fabrication we roll all our own Purlins, Cladding, Gutters & Downpipes. Our state of the art Peddinghaus beamline ensures the accurate, timely & efficient manufacturing of structural components. This means that virtually every component of your shed is manufactured in-house ensuring the highest standard, at exceptional prices.

All our structural steel is grit blasted, zinc primed & finished with a heavy duty colour coat. Hot dip galvanising is also available if requested. This ensures a high quality, long lasting finish for your building.

What does this mean for our clients?

PJN Steel Fabrication’s comprehensive in-house processing and roll forming operation ensures the highest quality control, cuts out any ‘middleman’ costs & prevents waste. This allows savings to be passed straight on to the client, which means we can produce a superior quality product, while remaining competitive on pricing.

1. Fabrication

Our Peddinghaus beamline is programmed directly by the draftsperson responsible for your job. This ensures all marking out, drilling and milling is done to a high degree of accuracy. Steelwork is then put through our gritblaster to remove any millscale before moving to the benches of our highly trained welders.

2. Galvanised Purlins

PJN Steel Fabrication have 2 purlin mills capable of rolling both ‘C’ or ‘Z’ section. Sizes range from 100mm to 400mm in size width.

3. Cladding

PJN Steel Fabrication roll roof thickness (.42 BMT, .47 TCT) cladding in both corrugated and Tee-dek (5-rib) profiles. Cladding comes in a range of 20 colours as well as zinc & any length from 600mm up to 20 metres.

4. Flashings

Flashings are also manufactured in-house at PJN Steel Fabrication, ensuring a quality finish every time. 

5. Gutters & Downpipe

PJN Steel Fabrication’s gutter and downpipe machines produce slotted gutter, barge & downpipe in your choice of 20 colours. Gutter and barge are also produced in zinc. 

Special order high capacity gutter is also available to reduce number of downpipes.

6. Personal Access (PA) Doors & Sliding Doors

PJN Steel Fabrication manufacture all their own PA & sliding doors, all engineered and built in compliance with wind ratings, industrial specifications and quality standards.

PJN provides free no obligation quotes and looks forward to the opportunity to provide assistance with enquiries regarding rural, commercial, industrial, and public use buildings.

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